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... In my situation, its not the Cobra servicer thats the problem. Its my damn employer thats causing the problems. ... (18 replies)
... I definitely can relate w/what you're saying b/c I am in the same boat. All, I can do is say the hell with it and cough up that damn payment. :bouncing: (18 replies)
... My husband was laid off from a major airlines about 8 months after I got sick and I had just gotten back from a 2 week stay at a major research hospital. ... (18 replies)

... I am very thankful for cobRA even though it costs so high. I have really serious things wrong with me and the cobra allows me to obtain new insurance without waiting periods nor decline of treatment for certain problem. ... (18 replies)
... Call the insurance company that you have COBRA through and ask if you can convert to an individual or family policy. ... (18 replies)
... I tried doing an individual policy with my insurer after my workplace closed instead of COBRA and I was turned down. The COBRA was so much more lucrative for them. ... (18 replies)
... That $1303 a month has to come out from somewhere. When companies are paying the insurance premium for their employees, we don't think that it's costing us anything. But when we have to pay it ourselves, all of the sudden it sounds like a lot of money. The fact is it is a lot of money for whover is paying it. And how is the government going to make insurance affordable for all... (18 replies)
... that will dwindle. My husband is retired but is not quite old enough for medicare. He has a small pension that will barely cover the Cobra payments. ... (18 replies)
... right on the head. Right now, i am livid from what I am expreeincing. I pay my Cobra insurance and I got to expereince my the HMO aspect of it being cut on and off because of some damn gliche in system or some sick twisted game my employer wants to play. Wow, it makes me very angry. ... (18 replies)
... insurance is not affordable, that's for sure. it definitely is for the well-off or very poor. my husband and I don't qualify for medicaid by $200. that doesnt' mean we can afford the $100 month premiums plus $5000 liability that health insurances charge. it's a scary world out there when we just have to pray that we don't get sick. (18 replies)
... From what I have read.. through the HIPAA Law... if you are not without insurance for more then 63 days, they can not refuse to insure you because of what they think is a pre existing condition, because the HIPAA law says it is NOT PREEXISTING if you are without insurance less then 63 days. (18 replies)
... It is nnecessary that the United States joins the rest of the world i providing Health Care coverage as a right! Taxes are necessary to pay for it just as taxes are necessary to pay for expansionist wars, uneneding military hardware developement, and congressional perks! We just need to better define what the U.S. population NEEDS: clean air, clean water, decent food,... (18 replies)
... Not just health, all insurance is run by GREED! A few years ago my auto premium was raised $24 for no apparent reason. At first I thought poor company, they must be losing money to provide me this coverage. Then I saw their quarterly earnings, they mad a profit of $800,000,000! They're nickle and diming their policyholders while hauling in 800 Million Dollars. (18 replies)
... The reasons the price of medical insurance keeps going up is not because we are getting more sick etc etc it is because we will pay it. Everytime a drug company produces a new drug and charges 1000 dollars for a months supply it's only because we here in the US will pay for it, sure we balk about it but we do pay if we have the need, we pay. LIke everything else, cars, milk,... (18 replies)
... Twenty five years ago things didn't cost as much as they do now, and people didn't live as long. Don't continue to just blame the insurance companies. There are many reasons that factor in the rising healthcare costs. The drug companies play a HUGE part in all of this. With some drugs costing $2,000 to $5,000 a month, you can certainly see the pattern here. With the doctors... (18 replies)
... Ahhh, the good old days. I finally get things in my situation resolved but its like pulling teeth. Its too bad that nowadays that everything is about big buiseness and screwing people over. (18 replies)
... It's exactly that self blaming attitude that allows insurance companies to keep padding their wallets. Why is it that 25 years ago when people had the same health problems they have now, most people had great health insurance? My dad worked in the steel mill and the ENTIRE FAMILY had full health insurance (and could live well on one income, mom got to stay home). No copays, no... (18 replies)
... pat, That's the curse of FEE FOR SERVICE (also called indemnity) plans like you have. Most people these days are in an HMO and your choices are limited but the costs are GREATLY reduced. I'd NEVER go back to my old FFS plan. (They squeezed me out too with incredibly escalating premiums that were going up 50% every year.) My HMO is FAR better than the old Blue Cross... (18 replies)
... I know! I'n in the ins bus and I hate health insurance. It's a dog eat dog world! (18 replies)

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