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... existing condition. MOST insurance companies won't even look at you because of it. I have dysplasia also and I would LOVE to find an insurance company that would be willing to help me. ... (13 replies)
... Last week I had a biopsy done and it come back as moderate cervical dysplasia and in one week I have to go in for the cryo-surgery to freeze off all the abnormal cells on my cervix. I am on my employer's insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and everything is covered. However, I had been planning on moving to a different state to further pursue my education (get my Masters) as... (13 replies)
... It depends on what some insurance companies view as "pre-existing". For example, a pre-existing condition might be viewed as some thing that you've had within the last 3-5 years. Some companies look at when the last time you had surgery was and what it was for. You'd be better off getting insurance through an employer (group health insurance). Most of the time, if it's a... (13 replies)

... Blue Cross Blue Shield is very touchy about pre-existing conditions. You'll have to contact them and get all of the info. (13 replies)
... I think so. You'll have to ask when you purchase it. (13 replies)
... thanks for the info! it looks like i will have to end up doing that as well.... getting insurance and putting up with the 12 month waiting period until insurance will start covering my pre-existing condition. however, during that 12 months waiting period, will the insurance cover everything else that isn't pre-existing? just wanting to make sure. (13 replies)
... I work in the health insurance industry and work with this kinda stuff every day. First, if your current employer employs more than 20 employees, you are eligible for COBRA coverage. Should you elect it, you will have 18 months of extended group coverage - Just as you have now. You will have to make the monthly premium payments to your current employer, but you will have the... (13 replies)
... yep, I've already contacted Blue Cross about converting my employer's group insurance into my name and getting on an individual plan and unfortunately I can't because they said I have a pre-existing condition now. they are very touchy. health insurance is legal robbery. =( thanks for the help. (13 replies)
... I think you won't be considered to have a pre-existing condition if you stay with another Blue Cross carrier in your new city. You'd have to check with your new carrier to be sure. (13 replies)
... Yet, it will still be hard for me to obtain individual health insurance because won't the company reject me since I have a "pre-existing condition"??? in other words, after I have my cryo-surgery next week and then come back for my follow-up pap in three months and that pap comes back Normal, I can now get insurance?? thanks for the help. (13 replies)
... I really don't know much about discount insurance plans. I am in school and I can purchase insurance through them, which I plan to do, but they won't cover me for a year & I guess I'm going to HAVE to settle for that. Medicaid won't cover me because I work and I'm not pregnant :rolleyes: . (13 replies)
... that's kind of what i figured. it's so sad. do you know anything about discount health coverage plans? and are they really helpful with medical bills and doctor visits? I need some kind of help with my follow-up visits and pap smears in the future since insurance won't cover my pre-existing condition. Thanks! (13 replies)
... Have you tried getting an HMO where you pay only $10 per visit to doctors, and Hospital non emergency is $1,500 deductable, and it pays 100% if you go for an emergency? I believe HMO's can Not turn you down for pre-existing conditions. I have pre-existing conditions and I have never been turned down by HMO. I have been turned down by Life Ins. companies and other med ins. ... (7 replies)
... I have a pre-exiting condition, cervical dysplasia, which will be fixed with surgery. However, I need some kind of health coverage to help me out with medical bills and my follow-up visits and pap smears. I know that individual insurance WILL NOT cover anything on a pre-existing condition, but I have looked into discount health coverage (Health Advantage) that helps pay... (7 replies)
... NinjaCowboy -- Thanks for the info! I am definitely going to check out those programs in my new state. anything will help especially during the 12 months waiting period until my new individual insurance will start covering my condition. thanks again! ;) (13 replies)
... Let me start off by saying that I am not sure if this is only in NY State or not: Ok, I have no insurance whatsoever. The only medical 'treatment' I have had in the last 7 years is my annual exam & depo injection every 3 months at planned parenthood. I used to have to pay for this, but it was affordable. Then about a year ago a new income-based program was started (I don't... (13 replies)
... I'm on a group plan right now but have been wanting to move and go back to school. Unfortunately, I have a pre-existing condition, cervical dysplasia, which i've already gone through the cryo-surgery and now i have to go back for my follow-up in four months and that is sooooo far away from now. (i've posted many times about this..heh... it's stressing me out.) The surgery... (3 replies)

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