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[QUOTE=moosiekins;1936734]I am a 48 year old woman who has always had a sweet smelling body odor, even when sweating heavily. But recently (within the past two weeks) I have noticed a strong onion smell coming from me when I sweat. At first I thought it was coming from my genital/anal region, but it isn't. It's comes from any place that I sweat from, especially folds in my skin. It is really bad, when I workout or do anything to work up a sweat. The sheets are also staining and smell of onion. Why would my body odor suddenly change like this? I hope someone out there can help![/QUOTE]

Oh my goodness! I [searched for] onion body odor and got your question... The same thing is happening to me! For like a month now my urin has smelled like faint onion. Then as you said, I have always had mild body odor at best (like after a really good workout) and all of the sudden my under arms smell like onion! Not a gross onion... just like as if I were to put onion and celery in a pot of boiling water. Weird I know! I have done nothing different, no diet changes, no wait loss or gain, no less water or more water, no change in vitamins, nothing! I dont get it! I am not sick or anything (as far as I know:) )
I even made my sister, daughter and husband smell! They say the same... straight up onion (and my husband says w/ celery). I am a 35 year old female in Dallas. Anyone have any input on this? Thanks!

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