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Dump the diet pop and all carbonated beverages, for that matter. Getting rid of the carbonated drinks in your diet, will help immensely with the bloating. When you say "eating healthy"...are you taking in more fiber than usual? If you are, that might also account for the bloating and tummy ache...especially if you aren't drinking tons of water. When you add more fiber to your diet, you absolutely NEED to drink lots of water to push that fiber through your system...otherwise it just sits there and will eventually "clog" you up..if you know what I mean.
Sounds like the foods you are eating are causing a lot of bloating! I find that I have a very sensitive stomach and have to watch what I eat to avoid this from happening. I can't eat too many vegetables or anything with too much fiber. I have a pretty healthy diet, but my stomach doesn't tolerate certain foods very well and it will hurt so much. Try to look for patterns and see if you can determine when it happens the worst. Also, some natural foods are often tougher on the stomach than processed foods. You might want to do more of a gradual switch to all the healthier foods so your stomach can slowly adjust. A natural pill like Beano can help with bloating as well. I'd also recommend cutting out any kinds of soda right now, since carbonation can cause bloating too (especially if the air bubbles just sit in your stomach!). I love diet green tea.. it helps with bloating and water weight and tastes good. I'm not a big tea drinker, but I do like the citrus diet green teas by Lipton. You can also try crystal light or a similar drink for a calorie-free replacement. Lastly, drink plenty of water! Water will also help flush out a lot of that extra water weight. You can even squeeze some lemon juice into the water. Another tip is to eat slowly and skip straws to keep out extra air from getting into your stomach.

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