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What is the dosage for 15 year old , slim and healthy boy 6.1 feet.for energy.
[QUOTE=satbir;3739724]What is the dosage for 15 year old , slim and healthy boy 6.1 feet.for energy.[/QUOTE]

There's no certain dosage based on age, height, weight etc.. If you're "healthy", you very likely don't need any. If you eat some oily fish, like sardines or salmon, once or twice per week that is usually sufficient for your nutritional requirements.

I've never heard of anyone taking fish oil to gain energy. You might want to look elsewhere for energy: For example, make sure you're getting enough quality sleep. If you're active in sports, take some short rest periods and drink plenty of water. Also, look to your diet in general and opt for high quality whole foods rather than highly processed foods (i.e., junk foods).

I have heard that milled flax can help with energy, I will have to look for the source though. There is currently no recommended amount for fish oil as it is not an essential fatty acid, but for flax on the other hand it is recommended that you have about 1.3g of ALA, which works out to be about 1 tablespoon of milled flax. Make sure you drink plenty of water with the product until your system gets used to it, flax contains quite a bit of fiber.

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