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... A former boss once gave me some mentos as well... which is confusing, because I was always under the impression that this was a body odor... Maybe I have bad breath on top of the bo? ... (45 replies)
... after shave that you are putting on you to cover up what you perceive to be body odor. I can't spray but the tiniest of a spritz on myself or I'll have a headache all day long...I'll be clearing my throat all day... ... (45 replies)
... Hi I just noticed that my skin smells like the homeless also, the strange thing is that I take baths at least 2 times a day. I only smell it when I close my bedroom door, and I said (what is that smell?) little did I know it was me. I have been reading your articles I just started taking probiotics, I heard about it from Dr OZ. May be we all can write him together and he can... (7 replies)

... Bo aka Body Odor seems to be my problem. ... (7 replies)
... ause I realize how frustrating that can be. But if you've had issues with mental health, I can't imagine why someone in that field would lie to you about having body odor. You said yourself that you cannot smell the odor and nobody has outright admitted to you that you do. ... (45 replies)
... Try to remember what foods you ate prior to having body odor. ... (1 replies)
... I believe it's because of a sulfer compound, found in onions, that permeates the body. It travels around in the fluids of your body. So if you eat enough of them, especially raw, I suppose you might smell the sulfer in persperation, urin or flatulence. HEALTH NOTE: An Indian study found that boiled onions can lower blood sugar in diabetics. Also, onions can lower your risk... (1 replies)
... I found out where the body odor was comin from, I had candida. ... (7 replies)
... I have heard and have seeing documentals of people having a body odor disease. An autoinmune disease of no cure. In the documental it did showed the boy with the condition and his lifestyle and what has helped him. ... (45 replies)
... how to rectify body odor (1 replies)
... why onion and body odor smell alike (1 replies)
... how to tell a loved one that they have bad body odor (4 replies)
... A week or so before my menstrual cycle I have a strong body odor that rotten fruit. ... (0 replies)
... To the person who had Body odor after a long treatment with antibiotics, I am assuming your doctor told you to take probiotics for a suspected YEAST OVERGROWTH condition? ... (45 replies)
... Hey, you've probably heard this, but I just wanted to mention that zinc supplements are supposed to help with body odor. I don't know if it works or not. Do you wear antiperspirant? ... (45 replies)
... cause she was sitting next to a girl that smelled bad, that the girl must have not showered for days. I think she got the wrong girl as I was the one who has the odor problem that could affect others, and she was sitting right next to me. And sure thing, she was coughing like crazy during the whole class period. ... (45 replies)
... I recently went through a horrible odor thing myself, along with my son and another poster one of the boards here. ... (45 replies)
... elative with this problem. The person does not believe me when I tell them that they smell bad. The smell is not BO, bad breath, foot odor. Nor is it like the body smell from garlic, onions, beer, liquor or green peppers. It is a very bad smell. You can smell it when you walk in the same room as this person. ... (45 replies)
... So a lot of things can cause an odor and sometimes only YOU can smell it because it is inside where your smeller is! ... (45 replies)
... is person was told that their sugar levels were high, and that they could become a diabetic in the future" and I wonder if this is the key. A dear friend has an odor problem, don't know if she's aware of it. She is diabetic and I've long suspected that this may be the problem. ... (45 replies)

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