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... In other words, a healthy lifestyle would constitute one that would heavily suggest balance. Any extreme indulgence or deprivation puts one at risk for an imbalance. ... (47 replies)
... Getting lots of exercise and eating well enough to to be healthy but not so strict that we can't indulge and enjoy a glass of wine or some delcious cake now and then. ... (47 replies)
... is sooo much confusing and contradictory info out there that it can be merely frustrating and quite difficult to come up with a final conclusion of an ultimatey healthy diet. ... (47 replies)

... my definition of a healthy lifestyle - keep in mind i am very strict with myself, and i know this may only work for me: -no junk food -no soda (diet or regular) -no processed foods -most, if not all, organic -no soy products -no milk (raw cow's milk is fine however, i don't own a cow) -vitamins (mornings, with meals, night-time) -no 'light' versions of food, only... (47 replies)
... Well, lately I've been on a wheat free/low gluten diet just to see if my constipation symptoms would go away. Oh, and I also switched to light soy milk from cows milk. Anyways, I'll tell you what I ate yesterday...2 Van's wheat free and gluten free waffles (made from brown rice flour), light syrup, Balance butter, and 2 cups of coffee. Snack, a large glass of very veggie... (47 replies)
... cise it off or use up the excess energy, they have trouble loosing weight. I really not not believe that this idea is the best way to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. ... (47 replies)
... I DO, I do believe you but I dunno it's so hard, plus, I'm not a celiac so I know I could have it sometimes(wheat). It seems LIKE everything has wheat in it, like my favorite cereal :( I tried brown rice pasta and I didn't like it. Maybe the corn is better. I love wheat pasta, lol. Come to think of it, I haven't had it in like 2 weeks! Oh well, I'll keep trying my best. ... (47 replies)
... Hello everyone. I just found this board. I usually hang out on the menopause and HBP boards. I'm 43, in perimenopause and have been striving to live a healthy lifestyle for the past 10 years. I'm not a nut about it, but really try hard to be good to my body especially since I am going through perimenopause. ... (47 replies)
... do you eat a high gluten filled diet. Like, the MAIN problem I think, is greasy foods, white refined carbs, sometimes wheat, etc. LIke gluten is in a few healthy things you may not want to give up like oatmeal, spelt, etc, but the "bad" gluten is in ALL junk food. ... (47 replies)
... I think most foods are healthy but not healthy for some people, everyones system is different is what it can handle and so on. ... (47 replies)
... What about dairy and bread? :) (47 replies)
... In my own humble opinion (something I'm good at giving on this board, ha!, but you asked) I think, everything in moderation. I mean, except illegal drugs and stuff that can screw up your brain. As far as foods go, I don't cut out anything completely. I try to eat a lot of what I know is good for me, like fruits, veggies and white meat, and drink water. But I don't think... (47 replies)
... ttage cheese etc. Diabetes runs in my family big time so I have to watch. Plus, I like whole grains they keep me full, and they are so satisfying in a low fat healthy way, ya know! ... (47 replies)
... Okay Losec, where the HECK did you hear that one,lol. Osteperosis is caused from lack of calcium and muscle, not from eating too much gluten,lol ;) Unless you did read this somewhere? Really? THAT one is quite shocking to me. Anyways, the above poster was talking about how she took an online test from a man who wrote the book called "Real Age" and it indicated that... (47 replies)
... oh well..its is very good for you to eat healthy..keep it up.. hi Jess.. osteoporosis comes from eating to much gluten :) layta LOL :) (47 replies)
... n action in your health considering the discomfort perimenopause can bring. I want to make sure I prevent osteoperosis and try to stay as young as possible with healthy habits. Good for you in taking charge of your health! ... (47 replies)
... LOL, ok so go post what you ate..and, i will do to..LOL.. i guess im a little shy of posting what I eat..It's like, I'm eating way to healthy..LOL :).. layta girl ;) (47 replies)
... no don't give it up completely..the way you'r eating you got it in'r doing great :) for the pasta,,well i know you and, i know you'r having the wheat one..but, once a week, correct,?? sooo try different pastas..try.........hmmmm lets say some corn pasta..just to give your bod a break..corn pasta is very healthy, very good for the heart and, very easy to... (47 replies)
... Hi girly, Yeah I know I'm still having troubles but it may be because I'm not TOTALLY omitting gluten from my diet, i'm not sure...i'm impatiently wating for my appt which is the 12th to see a GI specialist. Just to test myself, I had some ALL bran this morning(high in fiber) to see if I felt, you know, relief, and my tummy is kinda hurting me. I'm not sure if it's wheat or... (47 replies)
... Jessicca- I know a lot of people have been telling you to cut wheat out, but you've still had troubles with your bowels. Just a lil insight- I find that as a result of eating dairy, not even a TON, that sometimes I can get constipated. I'm regular when I don't have cottage cheese for a couple days in a row, and I don't drink milk...I may have a little cheese and a yougurt or... (47 replies)

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