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... Fight one addiction with another. Instead of being addicted to diet soda, try water instead. Unlike diet soda, water has a huge amouth of benefits. ... (15 replies)
... The massive consumption of diet soda's though, is seriously scary. I can literally drink it all day long, and have drank up to 4 liters in a day, most days I average around 2 liters though. ... (15 replies)
... After being diagnosed with osteoporosis four years ago I broke my soda addiction by substituting Crystal Light, but for me it has to be super cold. I keep a supply of the long skinny On the Go packets at work along with bottled water. ... (15 replies)

... I would not be surprised if some of your cronic heath problems are caused due to the diet soda's. ... (15 replies)
... I'm not sure if Crystal Lite is better than diet soda, but it's not carbonated and some flavors have no caffiene. ... (15 replies)
... Sometimes I feel like diet sodas are my one vice left, as weird as that may sound. I enjoy it, but I know that it can't be healthy, atleast not in the massive quantities I consume it. ... (15 replies)
... cans a day. One day I had a can and tasted like pure chemical so I quit but quickly picked up diet pepsi. I was enjoying that but knew I shouldn't be drinking so much caffeine so switched to caffeine free. ... (15 replies)
... her. Trying to simply stop a habit leaves a gaping hole in my life where that habit used to be and it's too easy to jump back into it again. What is it about the soda that you would miss if you gave it up? ... (15 replies)
... Hospital in Dallas told me about a lady doctor there that started having symptoms of Alzheimer's. It was determined that she had Aspartame toxicity. She drank Diet Cokes all day long. She ended up going out on disability. ... (15 replies)
... tried the Crystal Light thing, and it actually worked pretty good. I saw a dietician for a while who would have much rathered me drink the crystal light than the diet sodas. ... (15 replies)
... ugh the EXACT same thing. I've delt with obesity, smoking and more. And while I'll always crave and struggle with cravings, the one thing I haven't given up is diet drinks also. I just started using more Stevia and less sweet n low etc... it's a flavor thing as well. While I'm in the same situation. ... (15 replies)
... Slowly reducing your intake until you have stopped all together would be the ideal way of quitting. I used to hate drinking water but I realised that I was dehydrated (dry skin etc) and had to start drinking it. I have found that I can drink chilled bottle water (I hate tap water), you get used to drinking water after awhile and now I couldn't imagine going without drinking it... (15 replies)
... Very easy to stop. Research the side effects of Aspartame. Headache, dizziness, Gran Mal seizures, and permanent irreversible nerve damage did it for me. (15 replies)
... One thing that I think would quit the habit for you is to research the effects of artificial sweeteners. From what I have heard the effects are very toxic to your body. That would do it plain and simple for me. Also if you like the fizzy aspect of colas you can get water that is carbonated and has natural lemon/ lime etc flavors. (15 replies)
... That's a tough one. I was going to suggest Crystal Light or low calorie juices, but they have sugar substitutes. How about water with fruit in it? Maybe lemon, lime, apple or cucumber slices? (15 replies)
... What are you trying to quit - carbonation, sugar substitutes, caffiene, or all of the above? (15 replies)

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