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... Your post kinda ticks me off. Now, I am not considered a vegetarian by most views as I eat chicken and fish. ... (28 replies)
... Going vegetarian isnt a bad thing because god bless those little animals and you want to save them right? ... (28 replies)
... forbidden red and black rice salad with garbonzo beans and I get plenty of protein. I also believe that if you eat anything that was alive than you are not a true vegetarian. ... (28 replies)

... hello, I know what your talking about I have been a vegetarian and a vegan both. I had no probs with it execpt when I was a vegetarian I was hungry alot more. With being a vegan it was hard to find food unless I went to whole foods or a health store... ... (28 replies)
... Hi. I just wanted to say what I know about vegetarian vs. omnivourian. Well, we have different body makeup. We have different ancestery which evolved to eat what they live near. ... (28 replies)
... k, i completely agree with you. Yet, from a health standpoint, fish has a different effect on the body then other meats, especially red meat. Therefore, in terms of that, fish has sort of been allowed back into a vegetarian diet. ... (28 replies)
... killik, I agree with you too, I have always thought that. If you eat something that was once breathing, then you aren't a vegetation. I am a vegetarian and I love fruit and vegetables so I've been having no problem with it at all. The only thing that has changed is my iron. ... (28 replies)
... Anyone who claims to be vegetarian and still eats chicken or fish are omnivores. ... (28 replies)
... Thanks for your input Demererra. I went vegetarian about a month ago and haven't looked back since. I am honestly loving every second of it. Had I known way back when how good I could feel with a clean, healthy diet I would have done this years ago! ... (28 replies)
... She was diagnosed at the age of 26 with Terminal Luekemia. She decided she would go back to Italy to die. A friend of hers said to her, "you are not giving up that easy I want you to meet someone." He introduced her to her now husband who introduced her to macrobiotics. ... (28 replies)
... There are lots of vegetarian iron supplements to buy if someone is concerned about their iron levels. ... (28 replies)
... I think I have mercury poisoning, but from my amalgam fillings. I've heard that fish can also be a source of it, so is definitely worth considering not eating it. ... (28 replies)
... You can safely eat canned tuna, preferably packed in water, twice a week. Of all the talk about mercury levels in fish, it's mainly the larger fish that are causing concerns. ... (28 replies)
... type foods. I lived a fast food childhood, and paid for it, so I'm really enjoying learning some new things. I'm definitely going to try the humus recipe, Mag, I've never had it, but it sounds good! Only problem is the protein isn't there. ... (28 replies)
... but it is still a form of vegetarianism. ... (28 replies)
... known and proven fact. Vegetarians are people who don't eat animals are meat of any kind and that includes fish. Many people don't consider fish an animal, but anything with a nervous system, a heart and internal organs is a living being. ... (28 replies)
... i was a vegatarian for almost 2 years, and the hardest part about it is getting enough iron. you need to be eating lots of green veggies to avoid becomeing anemic. I have been eating meat for a little over a year now and i still have a slightly low iron count. ... (28 replies)
... I make my own type of humus as a substitute for tuna salad or egg salad in sandwiches. ... (28 replies)
... philosophical aspects. i really don't like seeing worms coming out of cans. ... (28 replies)
... i agree with that. there should be no grey area but people like to create different classes of vegetarians..maybe they like calling themselves veg'.. ... (28 replies)

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