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im 22 years old, female, healthy and also vegan. four years ago i woke up with hearing loss and the weirdest feeling ever in my head..i was super dizzy. i still feel off balance sometimes but its never been a problem till recently. i never got hearing back in my left ear. i had steroid injections in my butt and tried some herbal stuff..i saw an emt and had more injections into my ear was really horrible. the hearing loss sucks, and theres a constant sound, i describe it as the white noise you hear when you walk into an empty room? im used to it now but if i start listening to it i get super annoyed. i had a hearing aid, but i hated how sometimes the loudness of sounds and voices would ring in my head. this past week ive had problems with dizziness and feeling totally clouded in my head. ive also been under ALOT of stress and kind of depressed, but ive also felt really great.. i just dont feel right. sounds are really sensitive and hurt my head, specifically the deaf ear, the white noise sounds gets super loud when theres loud noises around me or in movies if a voice goes up all of a sudden it just tweaks my inner ear. its hard to explain. im wondering if this is just something i have to get used to.

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