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I had my stapedectomy procedure at the end of April 2015, and it has been a nightmare I wish I could reverse. I had mild-mod loss in my R ear on the hearing tests pre-op, L ear was normal. I am now 7 wks post-op and my high pitch frequency went from mild to moderate loss, the tinnitus is constant, I have a feeling of fluid at times in my middle ear like a dripping feeling, and worst of all, I lost about 90% of my ability to taste after the surgery and it has not come back yet. I can't taste fruit at all. I would rather have had moderate hearing loss in one ear (which I still have anyway) than lost my ability to taste and enjoy eating. It has been a devastating experience and has significantly affected the quality of my life. I used to look forward to eating out with my wife alone and also with our kids at least once a week, but who wants to go out to eat when you can't taste the food? Is there anyone who had almost total loss of taste but got it back after a couple of months?
6 months post op and I still have loss of taste. Also when my operated ear faces a wall or car door I experience an echo that is very annoying. Have a feeling of clogging (like having water in my ear) much of the time.
luckily horrible, horrible vertigo went away after several weeks.
Yes I can hear well out of my ear now but don't think it was worth the side effects

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