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I am sorry to hear about your medical issue. I am not a doctor, but I have a few things for you to consider. Perhaps the throat/ear issue were/are 2 separate conditions. What you are describing with your ear, "fullness, discomfort, popping", might be Hyperacusis. Since you are a musician it could be very likely you are suffering from this. Even though you have the plugs, did you always use them? I bought a Microsonic pair myself for $150 from a hearing specialist because I like to listen to loud music, but I haven't used them much, because they sound so muffled. I believe I recently suffered from Hyperacusis. I thought I had an ear infection. I had a bad cold at the time too, sinus problems, congestion. I saw a doctor and everything looked clear, no infection. Told him I had a fullness in the ear and discomfort, and he did not believe pain could be caused by loud music. Doctors believe there are no nerve endings inside the ear. Doctors are wrong much of the time. What worked for me might help your ear. Listen to nature music, waterfalls, waves crashing, pink noise, for a few months a period each day. The second thing is TMJ. "Popping" and "fullness" can be caused by this also and loud sound could exacerbate the problem. I have TMJ as well. So for me, it's a big confusion and I would never consider seeing another doctor about these problems. I'll just live with it and treat it myself. I did get better after a couple months of listening to an ocean CD, but as soon as I turned up my built in Kicker amp/sub combo to a higher than normal level, symptoms came back. I think I'm going to start wearing those plugs. Good news is, my hearing was tested and excellent. No tinnitus. You should relax as much as possible, try not to think about it.

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