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Hi all,

I suffered a sudden hearing loss approximately 5 weeks ago. I was treated with the standard tapering course of Prednisone. To no avail. My impression was that my hearing has deteriorated since then.

Today, I went back in to have my hearing re-tested. To my surprise, my ENT said that I had no change. However, when I saw the actual results of the exam, I saw that although my hearing had only gone down 15 Db in the highest frequency (from 60 Db to 75 Db at 8,000 hz), my speech recognition score had gone from 100% to 80%. The ENT shrugged this off as me just "having a bad day." According to him, with the pure tone scores I had, my speech recognition should have been much better.

But, I know I wasn't just having a bad day. I know that my speech recognition has been steadily getting worse on my bad side.

My hunch is that my brain somehow is just not paying as much attention to that side and is reorganizing itself to pay attention to the good side. Or maybe there is another issue.

I know full well that there is probably no cure for sudden hearing loss at this point. I'm more than 5 weeks out at this point and have seen no improvement even with medication. However, should I be doing something to help my speech discrimination? Is this something that another specialist -- say an otoneurologist -- deals with? (BTW, my ENT did not refer me to any one. He's just having me come back in 3 months).


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