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[QUOTE=Dannyjpuk;5406521]Hello this is my first post....

I had a stapedectomy about a month ago now, it wasn't as straight forward as i would have hoped , I could hear very well right after the operation my doctor said that my hearing will dull as the blood will clot etc i was in hospital for four days I was so dizzy I kept being sick it was horrible I could hardly move without being sick I had my dressing took out my ear a week ago ( 2 weeks after op) I was very disappointed with my hearing as it was very dull my doctor advised me to come back in 4 weeks time since my packing has been out I'm suffering from high pitched noises in the operated ear it's still very dull is this normal is my ear just adjusting ? It's worrying me as others have said they could hear right away, my balance is still off ever so slightly I caught a viral infection which affected my nerves down the left side of my face ( operated side ) I was given tablets for this a week later now and this has now cleared up its just this ringing high pitched noises I'm hoping someone can help it's horrible I feel so alone[/QUOTE]

Sorry can't directly help you, but I had a failed stapedectomy 4th Jan 16. Seven weeks later had a revision. Just had my packing removed and I'm one of them, including first time round too, that didn't hear any better after packing was removed. I've not been fortunate enough to have had the loud voices that people mention either. I had revision 16 days ago, I can hear close up but muffled, no clear voices, I can't hear tv, or conversations. Haven't had any crackles or pops yet, which apparently I should get before my hearing becomes clear. All I can say is I'm disappointed with the results so far, after being off work now for 10 weeks. I've been told it'll still be the swelling etc that's stopping me hearing, so we'll see.I know how you feel when you say you feel so alone. I've felt that for weeks. I do hope you get to hear soon.

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