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I am new to this message board, but I signed up because I am hoping someone out there will know what to do! Just under a year ago, my daughter started having ringing in her right ear. Long story short (it's a very long, drawn out story), she saw an ENT in July and they said she had senseroneural hearing loss in that ear. Five months later, her left ear began ringing. Audiogram showed a further loss in right ear and now loss in left ear. Otoacoustic Emissions were normal. MRI and CT scan normal. All vestibular/balance testing normal. By the way, she began having short bouts of dizziness that began to get worse around the time that the second ear began ringing. It begins with her ear feeling very full and like there is pressure, then the ringing becomes louder and the dizziness begins. At the same time as all of this, she began feeling very achey in the joints and muscles. She went from a very active teen to a very sluggish, tired, achey girl. Tons of bloodwork done to rule out different things....ANA was positive - 1:160 in late December and jumped to 1:1250 at the end of January. I have lupus, so my guess was that she is dealing with an autoimmune disorder - possibly autoimmune inner ear disease and/or something related to that. Rheumatologist doesn't think so because she is not having positive results for inflammation in her body (SED rate negative, etc). As far as the ENT, the first one we saw was stumped. The second one said there is no way she has any kind of inner ear problem because her OAE's are completely normal and her audiograms do not make sense (the speech recognition does not match the tone test, he says). He dismissed us with a "good luck - I am sure she isn't making it up, but she may need some anti-anxiety medicine to help and the hearing will come back". I know it is a long shot but does anyone know anything that could help at this point? I really think there is something more to this. I have an appointment for her at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston. I have a feeling we are going to be out of luck there too.
Yes, when I took her in to see the doctor when her second ear started to ring, they did an audiogram and it showed that the hearing loss was worse in right ear and had started in the left ear, the nurse practitioner put her on Prednisone for 12 days. She felt an improvement within the first two days - she couldn't tell if it improved the hearing, but it did make the ringing almost disappear. As she tapered down the ringing came back and she began to feel worse. She finished the Prednisone on January 8th. She had another audiogram and exam on January 12th. It showed minor improvement in the left ear (the newly affected ear) in the high tones. The doctor was unimpressed by the results. He said there would have been a greater change.

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