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I am so beyond aggravated with this. All started last Sunday. I woke up around 5:00 thinking I was hearing an alarm clock. Realized I wasn't and fell back to sleep. Woke up 3 hours later and my ear felt full and blocked. Took a shower and went to make a call to the Dr, then realized I couldn't hear out of my left ear. Went to urgent care. They told me I have fluid and to take Zyrtec. If not better in 7 to 10 days to call ENT. Woke up Monday not feeling any better and decided to see ENT that day. Got in and Dr. barely looked at my ears but sent me for a hearing test. Results showed no hearing in my left ear. Started Prednisone on Tuesday morning. I have now had 6 doses and haven't seen any improvement. I'm a mother to three boys (one who has a speech delay so I need all the hearing I can get) and I work full time as well. This is so scary to me to think this could be my new normal. In addition to the not being able to hear my left ear feels so full. Like I just slept on it and it needs to pop but can't. I do have a decent amount of popping in that ear but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Any advice or hope for me! I am going to see the acupuncturist on Tuesday and plan on calling my Dr. and asking for steroid injections if I don't see any improvement this week. Thanks!

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