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I'm new to this board so please bear with me if someone else already posted regarding this matter.

I went through stapedectomy in both ears, one five years ago, the other a few months ago.

The one I did five years ago went well and I can hear discreetly well. The other operation I did a few months ago resulted in complete deafness.

Prior to the operations, I had difficulty hearing and understanding what was being said - and there were instances where I could not hear certain pitch sounds (especially at work where one colleague's voice was inaudible). Most of my adult life was misunderstandings of what was said and ultimately my decision to do the operations was due to this constant battle.

My audiologist never informed me that I could rely on hearing aids prior to doing the operations. I never had a hearing aid. It was only after my second operation that a new consultant informed me of this matter (which by this time was too little too late).

My consultant also informed me (after the operation) that if once I came through the anesthetic if I was dizzy, it was an indication that the operation failed. Unfortunately I was very dizzy and had to be kept in hospital for a week. Worse than that I have lost my hearing in this ear completely so now I am relying on one ear.

Prior to my operation I was a bubbly cheerful very positive person but now I'm just a shell of myself. I'm still dizzy and it's a weird kind of dizziness which feels like walking on a trampoline or mattress when I walk. Dizziness pills don't work on this kind of condition and my doctor said this has to go on its own and meanwhile I have to live with it. I have even lost my sense of taste, most of the things now taste bitter and sour - even chocolate doesn't taste nice anymore and I was a chocaholic!

I'm finding it very difficult to function properly. I've gone back to work but my work is suffering since I have to use my ears and even though I have explained to my colleagues that I am now partially deaf, I can hardly hear them when they talk or ask me something and I'm back to lip reading, or isolating myself which works better than making a fool of myself for misinterpreting. I work in a very busy office and my dizziness and deafness is effecting everyone. Even simple things have become a major hurdle - I've stopped counting the times I was going to get hit by a car when trying to cross a road.

Loud sounds are driving me mad - it's as if my other ear amplifies certain sounds and not others. For instance if there is a background sound I can hear it louder than normal talking voices and when there are lots of people talking in a room it's too much for me and I end up nauseous.

Most of the time it feels like being in a world on my own and it feels horrible. My deafness in one ear is permanent, unless they invent something new and according to the consultant a stapedectomy lasts only up to 10 years so if this is so at one point in time I will be completely deaf.

Sorry for posting such a long message but I would like to know if there are people out there who went through the same thing and found ways to cope. Most of the time I feel I am a danger to not just myself but even to others. I don't know what else to do at this point.

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