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Hi there I had a stapedectomy on my right ear 3 weeks ago and I am wondering if anyone knows if you can dislodge the prosthesis from blowing your nose...
On day 8 (post op) I completely forgot about the at home care instructions and blew my nose gently. Ever since then I've heard a crackling in my operated ear every time I swallow or yawn. It sounds like the noise a broken speaker makes, when it has a loose wire, and I am so worried I have dislodged the prosthesis. My hearing is coming back and I am not experiencing any dizziness or pain, though this loud noise is worrying me. I know it's common to sometimes experience crackling due to fluid behind the ear, but this came on straight after I blew my nose. Has anyone committed the terrible sin of blowing their nose?!? And Can you dislodge the prosthesis without losing hearing?

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