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About 6 years ago, had sudden hearing loss (complete high frequency, moderate mid frequency, minimal low frequency) in right ear. Diagnosed with SSHL within a few hours, put on prednisone right away. Hearing may have gotten slightly better over last 6 years, but not much. Fast forward to two weeks ago, and had another episode of sudden hearing loss in same ear. This time, a lot of rushing tinnitus and complete hearing loss of all frequencies. Went right away to get prednisone, was told I have fluid in middle ear this time. Put on prednisone and Flonase. In the last 2 weeks, I have regained some volume in that ear, but the clarity is gone. Now, however, many mid and high frequency sounds will register in bad ear where they haven't since first episode 6 years ago, and all sounds in that ear, if at normal volume, sound as if I hearing them in a tin can, and actually somewhat hurt. I'm actually picking up bumps in the road in that ear, and they sound like someone is hitting a loose drum head (vibration, louder than in good ear, tin can echo) I also have what feels like fulness / plugging of ear. ENT says there is no longer fluid visible behind tympanic membrane.

I'm losing my brain with this (literally, maybe) and don't know what to do. Anybody else ever have similar issues?

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