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My right ear is hearing less than the left ear. I don't feel any pain and my ear canal is clear (went to ENT to remove wax).

My right ear hears less:

- when hearing everyday sounds, closing the left ear result to about 80% reduction in hearing but closing the right ear has no effect to my over all hearing.

- when on using ear buds, both ear seems to be almost balance but right ear has a bit lower reception of sound.

- on certain sound, I sometimes feel some vibrations inside my right ear. This does not occur on my left ear.

By my description above, it's sure that my right ear has a problem.

By the recommendation of my ENT, I went Audiologist for test. But because audiometry is done with a headset, it does not capture the hearing loss I experience when listening to background sounds in the surroundings.

So results come back with a slightly reduced hearing in right ear only. My ENT quickly dismissed it as there is nothing wrong. ENT said eardrum is ok, canal is ok. But I am pretty sure there is since I experience complete reduction of surrounding sounds when closing my left ear while no effect when closing my right ear!

So my question is, where is this hearing loss coming from?

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