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Use the Sinucleanse nasal wash and combine it with a little bit of Sinufresh for a few days and some of it will drain out. Nasal washing works.
I describe how to get relief from fluid in the ears in great detail here:

[QUOTE=singinintherain**]Well, the fluid is thick'll be 1 year in the spring. I have tried the decongestant thing and the only recourse, they say, is to have the needle proceedure as in the above post. (I must say, I am a coward and you scare me).I like to wash my hair often and am concerned about getting the ear wet.Also, the Dr. said the tubes will dissolve in 9 mos.
I notice the blockage fluctuates. At times, like right now, the hearing is not as muted. But tonight when I go in and run water in the tub the sound does something strange to the ear and everything sounds "under water'' in that ear. The dr said it has nothing to do with the nerve. Strange.Also, cold drinks cause the ear to 'pop'.
I wish I had never caught that cold n' fever ! I am a person who never...and I do mean never...gets sick ; 250 sick days saved up! But when it hit, Boy-oh-boy!
And I am getting used to it. I notice when someone speaks to me I turn my good ear to them without thinking. At times I have to tell a store clerk "Would you mind repeating that, I am hard of hearing". I am embarrassed.[/QUOTE]

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