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I use sinu cleanse twice a day. I also use the sino fresh but havenít mixed it with the sinu cleanse yet. The ENT wasnít sure whether my problem is ETD because my ears are equally plugged most of the time instead of one ear more plugged then the other. If itís not ETD I have no idea what I have. The ears are usually less plugged in the morning and become more plugged as the day goes on. As they become more plugged my head gets pressure similar to a headache. One strange thing is the ears will become more or less plugged by slight changes in air pressure like going from the house to the outside yard.

Are your ears still plugged most of the time? Do your ears crackle when opening and closing your mouth? The first few days I used sinu cleanse my ears actually popped better then they do now. Iíve been using it for 11 days. It definitely seems to help more then anything else Iíve tried.


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