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Help! I have had PET for 14 months now and am going crazy! I had a nasty ear infection in my right ear which required a ventilation tube and, long story short, after everything cleared up I was left with PET in my right ear (it is open all the time). I also experience PET in my left ear (briefly, but usually will close right up). I also have crackling/popping/etc.. in both ears. I just went to my specialist and have a couple of options.

My specialist wants to put tubes in my ears, but after reading all the posts about this I am very hesitant. I wondered if anyone could tell me if the crackling/popping goes away with tubes in (I wondered if letting the air pressure between the ears "equalize" would set things right again). Does that sound crazy? My Doc said another option would be to put a hole in the eardrum without putting the tube in and waiting a day or two to see if things got better. If not, then no harm done and it will heal on its own.

He also said to gain weight to help alleviate the PET - the extra fat around the eustachian tubes supposedly makes the tubes close. Has anyone had success with this and if so, just how much weight gain makes a difference?

My last option is to have surgery - it is a relatively simple procedure in which they go in through the ear canal, "push up" the eardrum, and insert a plastic filament of some sort (which is later removable) or collagen (which is permanent) directly into the eustachian tube. Anyone heard of this?

If anyone has had any experience in these areas I would really appreciate some input. Thanks! Suz

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