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Annoying noises
Dec 20, 2003
I have had a problem with noises in my head for a few years now. There is a sort of crackling/scratching noise when I move the muscles behind my ears (its hard to describe, I just tense the muscles above my jaw). I also hear the sound when I swallow and when I speak. I hear no sounds when i'm not moving, only when I tense the muscles, swallow or speak. Sometimes, the noise goes away, I can tell this because sometimes when I tense those muscles behind my ears, the noise isn't there, even when I try to make the noise. Sometimes though, it really bugs me and I notice it all the time. It is in my right ear mainly, but I can hear it a bit in my left ear too.

Usually, if I forget about it, I don't notice it and it doesn't bug me as much but sometimes, as I said, I can always hear it.

Also, when I was younger, I was a very keen swimmer and I could go quite deep underwater and my ears would be fine. Earlier this year though, when I went on holiday, I was in a pool and when I was only about 1 meter underwater, my ears were unbareably painful and I had to come up.

I have seen a few other posts by people who have similar problems, but I don't have any idea what the problem could be. A few times in the past, I have lost hearing in 1 of my ears, but the hearing loss was resolved by using ear drops, the crackling noise has been there all the time though.

anybody know what might be causing the noises? I first ever noticed the noises when I was about 10. I was laughing and I suddenly heard the crackling noise. It has been there ever since, but I tend not to notice it a lot of the time. I would still like to know what my problem is though!

Re: Annoying noises
Jan 14, 2004
[QUOTE=chevyman]Sorry for the late post on this!

Sounds to me like you have (NIDH)NOISE INDUCED HEARING?
Or you have some type of infection? NIH can happen within 3 days after the damage has been done A suddenly very very loud noise or it can be that is a slow process of loseing your hearing the hair fibers in your innner ear must have been damage at one time and over the years it's catching up with you! it's usally is followed by loss of hearing to a profound state with tinnitus? the sounds you sometimes hear have you ever heard a match lite? the sulfur burning makes a hissing sound and cracklin sound...thats usally how your hearing loss will start? but my advise to you would BE go see your Audoiodist right away or a ENT Dr and get tested!

Good Luck![/QUOTE]

Well, I don't have any other problems, just sometimes the crackling noise when i swallow and when I twitch the muscles behind my jaw. I tend to forget about it and I don't notice it. I just sometimes get bugged by it where I know it is there, so I am sort of trying to hear it. I don't get any other noises like tinitus, well, I get tinitus every now and then for a short period, like I think most people do when they get a rush of blood to the head or something like that. I don't get hearing loss either. I just wanted to know what it could be. The noises haven't affected my hearing at all, I don't get constant ringing or hearing loss or anything extreme like that
Re: Annoying noises
Jan 26, 2004
I personally think that NIHL...(NOSIE INDUCED HEARING LOSS) begans in an early stage of life without a person realizing it??....loss of hearing can sneek up on you before you know it!!! and this is what hapen to me...I started off with them sonuds in my ears crackling hissin sounds some times ringing sounds but it came and went through out the years as my hearing decreased with time....then all of a sudden I got to where I had to ask a person what? huh? I beg your pardon!! turning up the TV... leaving bathtub water running and not hearing it! or birds singing not hearing them? the thing that got to me was I forgot to turn my car engine off one time because I forgot I left it running and I didn't hear it?...more and more I got worse!!! So I got to thinking I must be loseing some of my hearing and I went to see a respected well Quilfied Audiologist...he tested me three ways in a sound proof booth I had about 50%of hearing loss I was suprised....he said I probably just learn to read lips over the years and just didn't realize I was loseing my hearing.
AS far as leaving the car engine running I have learn to look at the RPM gauge BEFORE I LEAVE THE CAR ...LOL

Most people don't know they have a hearing loss until it gets to bother them and they start having problems hearing people talking/ understanding!!!. it's nothing to be ashamed of it's just a way of life for some people....I have behind the ear aids now and they really help! without them on I hear nothing at all.

Even if your young I suggest you go see a quilfied audiologist/ you may be suprised just like I was.
I hope you don't have anything wrong at your testing but just so you will have a record of your testing it may help you later on incase you do start to lose your hearing?
Good Luck!

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