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For the last couple of months my eustacian tubes -- usually both -- clog up while I'm sleeping. This makes it impossible to hear an alarm clock, even when everyone else in the family hears it (alas, all too well!)

Normally, they (the ears, not the family) unclog shortly after I awake and sit up. (The family? great folks, always clog-free). But this week, after an airplane trip, the clogging in my left ear has been going on much longer. The result is, naturally, very annoying to others trying to speak with me. And today, the "full" unclogging didn't take place until the evening.

My questions: 1) any idea why ears would clog at night? Is this common in older men? I have no sign of a cold or allergy. Any idea of what I should try to avoid this happening? 2) for several months, going back before this happened, I've had hearing problems with sounds in the higher registers (bells etc). What are the chances these problems are related?

I'm calling for an appointment to see a physician and get my ears flushed out, but getting an appointment always takes time and this is an annoying problem. So any ideas until then, and any thoughts on the possible relation to high register hearing loss will be appreciated.


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