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[QUOTE=lib]hi, would that also cause you to feel your own breathing in your ears, and your eardrums to rattle while you are talking? any info would be greatly appricated! lib[/QUOTE]


The purpose of the Eustachian tube - a small "tube" from the middle ear to the throat area is to equalize the pressure on either side of the ear drum.

This is why we pop the ears when climbing in an airplane - to equalize the pressure.

When this tube is blocked - for example, from swelling due to a cold - it sounds muffled. When this tube is kept open - from a spasm of the tiny muscle that controls it, then you may hear the rattling you describe
[QUOTE=TMJgirl]Does anyone out there have a sensation that their eustachian tubes feel parched and clogged 24/7? I am going crazy with this. Have tried sudafed, antihistimines, and robitussin and still clogged. I dont know if this is a spasm or what, but it never goes away and I am really loosing it now. I have been to ENT's and have had scopes in my face twice. The tubes are functioning normally and they feel swollen and I can hear my own voice inside and my heart beat. It is worse on the right side, but now the left is effected too. They feel like they are stuck together. I hold my nose and blow and then everything just gets loud and stays loud. Nothing pops at all. Please help..........[/QUOTE]

I had a very similar problem starting in November drove me CRAZY I went to one ENT for five different kept getting worse and all he could tell me was that it was nerve damage. i have never felt such frustration. I finally decided to get another opinion and saw another ENT. He looked in my ear said that he could believe that no one else had seen the problem. Turns out that I had a piece of dead skin attached to the ear drum, he pulled it off and the pressure and hearing came back in an instant. I have to tell you I just about cried right there on the spot. One never knows the frustration that comes with a hearing issue such as you have. I wish you luck! Brookdale Al

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