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[QUOTE=TMJgirl]Does anyone out there have a sensation that their eustachian tubes feel parched and clogged 24/7? I am going crazy with this. Have tried sudafed, antihistimines, and robitussin and still clogged. I dont know if this is a spasm or what, but it never goes away and I am really loosing it now. I have been to ENT's and have had scopes in my face twice. The tubes are functioning normally and they feel swollen and I can hear my own voice inside and my heart beat. It is worse on the right side, but now the left is effected too. They feel like they are stuck together. I hold my nose and blow and then everything just gets loud and stays loud. Nothing pops at all. Please help..........[/QUOTE]

I have just read some other posted notes about echoing in the ears...especially when speaking. I am experiencing that same effect you spoke of...hearing your own voice and heartbeat. I hear a "whooshing" in my right ear only at night...and I thought it might be the blood pulsating. Went to an ENT doctor once in Sept. Hearing tests were fine...He prescirbed a decongestant..didn't work..and recommended holding my nose closed and blowing hard. I will consider revisiting him, but want to read more in the Boards here. One post "Hearing Echoes" from emctrl identified a condition called patulous eustachian tube. That means the tubes are open and do not shut as supposed to. looking forward to more responses.

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