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Here are the symptoms I have been experiencing for the past 5 years:
Clogged ears and glue ear (fluid backs up in the middle ear which when I speak I can not hear myself well and my hearing starts declining and unable to clear my ears), ringing in the ears, dizzyness.

Treatment for clogged ears: short bursts (4 or 5 days) of oral predisone (30 or 40mg per day). The eustachian tubes will open and ventillate the middle ear and cause the gummy glue ear to change to powder and evaporate. This usually works for 2 or 3 months. While I know steriods are not recomended for long periods, in short bursts they are effective and do not create the usual symptoms of longterm steriod use---plus it gives the necessary relief that one can not live with!

Treatment for ringing in the ears: I have not found any remedy to this problem. Doctors say it may be nerve damage caused ironically by antibiotics taken to stop a middle ear infection. The rining in the ears is much more pronounced when the ears are clogged but livable when the eustachion tube is open.

Treatment for dizzyness: I was put in touch with an ear specialist at the University of Ilinois Medical Center who resolved the problem in a 20-minute treatment. Previously, when I bent over or turned to one side while sleeping I would become very dizzy and it also was nauseating for 15 - 25 seconds as the room spun. The doctor said the problem was in the inner ear and with some particles that became displaced it was necessary to put them back in place by tilting the head in 4 or 5 positions for 30 seconds each this resolved the problem.. I was taught how to do the procedure if it ever returned which it has not.

The various ear disorders that we are all experiencing may require a multi pronged approach to resolving them. I don't believe there is a single bullet that will work the miracle. We must be concerned with diet, exercise, allergies, sinus and in some cases, the jaw (which I will need to investigate because there is clicking when i open my mouth or sometimes just walking).

All the best to each of you going thru your own private horror. There are many others around who know from wence you speak and are experiencing.
Yes, some of your symptoms are similar to what I have been experiencing. I did have a dog for 14 years and have allergies, so some of my problem may have been a result of that. In the last two weeks a physician prescribed the allergy pill Allegra (taken once a day) and the clogged ears reversed themselves and I have been symptom free except for some ringing in the ears.

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