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[QUOTE=TMJgirl]I checked out the other thread with aja. Yeah, the PEt sounds familiar but I was ruled out. Who knows. What is the treatment for that besides cauterization? That is a bit drastic in my opinion, and is there any turning back once it is finished? I think the click in the roof of your mouth is the sounds of the inside of your body magnified from the eustachian tube malfunction. I have that too. I hear my neck crunch when I turn my head magnified and my heart beat too. Breathing is loud and my voice sounds like a megaphone in my head. It is driving me to the brink...............I am loosing it I think. Now I put down the smokes because I think it was making it worse, so nicotine withdrawl too. Oh my God...........when will it end. Lib, I wish you lived close by. We could be best friends!!! Stay in touch and yeah I will read what aja has to say too.
demi , i am here to tell you we are up the creek, believe me they have to do alot more than just look at the e tube to know if it is patulous for sure, it takes a trained expert, and i believe thats what i have. i hear my neck crunch and every other sound going on in there. there are several ways to treat pet, none are a gaurentee, and of course they have there risks, and there are not many dr.s that treat it. do your ear drums move, at loud noise? if you want out of this hell you need to get to a really good dr. how far is johns hopkins from your house? it would be worth the trip. do you have the symptoms in both ears? do you get headaches? there is a book called heal your headache, might want to read it, i dont have the headaches, but you dont have to to have the symptoms in the ears. let me know what you think. lib

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