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I went to but yet another MD yesterday about this. This has been going on for one year! Specialists, ENTs, etc. and no one found fluid in there, UNTIL last week. A regular MD said, gee, there is some fluid in the left and alot in the right and take this aquatab d and see me in a week. Soooooooo, I took it , and I got worse as the week went on. Well, I went yesterday and saw the nurse practitioner and she took one look at me and said i was dehydrated. So I have stopped taking the meds and started to drink alot of water and maybe even the eustachain tubes may drain. As a rule, I do not drink enough water. Do you? To answer your questions, vertigo, it is awful. If i turn my head or look down I feel like I am on a boat and sea sick. No nausea but the sensation of movement. It makes me panic and anxiety sets in and then it gets worse from the fight or flight responce. No migranes, no headaches at all. The fluid is like soap bubble in there, at least it feels like that. I can feel it move about. Pressure in my sinuses, big time and she felt that it is originating from there and draining back instead of out. Sometimes I cant tell where the sounds come from in a room. They seem to bounce off the walls and my own heartbeat and breathing is like Chinese water tortchure. So, I am drinking alot of water, over doing it, and seeing if this has any chance of loosing things up. But yes, I have all the symptoms you do and nothing has been done about it. Have tried everything, and they wanted to give me antibiotics but I wont take, because the mucous is clear like water, not yellow, green, or infected. Why take antibiotic and set my body up for something else? Hang in there lib.
can you breath air into your ears? it sounds to me like we both have patulous eustachian tubes, and decongestants make it worse. look it up and let me know what you think! a lot of doctors dont know a lot about this, where do you live? lib
[QUOTE=lib]hi, when you say the antideprssants are hard to get on and off what do you mean? i am worried about that also. i have not tried to quit, i am to anxious to quit, maybe i will try to cut back this week and quit this weekend. i just at this point think i am doomed to this and really dont want to be on antidepressants either. why is it so hard for them to figure it out? do your ears pop randomly, just by bending over? i cant take the strange thumps and other wierd stuff, the rattling ear drumd and breathing into my ears and on and on. when you open your mouth does it sound like something is unsticking? what sensation do you get when you blow your nose? let me know these things please. hang in here! lib
oh...the antidepressant is effexor xr...know any thing about that one?[/QUOTE]

OH MAN!! Effexor??? That is some bad sh..! My friend just recently got off that stuff and she was in for a ride. A week of being sick as a dog. Get off it! How long have you been on this crap. That one is very hard to get off. It is an SSRI drug class, you cant quit this cold turkey especially if you been on it for a while. You have to wean very very slow. She ended up very ill when she stopped until the drug got out of her body and she is a 26 year old girl, young and healthy.
Yes, when I open my mouth my ears stick. That is why I started this thread called parched eustachian tubes. It feels like they are parched, like no moisture is in them. When I blow my nose, my ears get really loud and wont pop. Like I want to pop my ears and then my voice gets really loud in my head and all the sounds vibrate inside and out. Sometimes I cant tell where sounds come from when it gets like that. It is congestion! I know it is. Fluid, I can hear it move. Like glue. I bet you have glue ear!!! Day three, smoke free. Trying my best. When I wake in the morning the clogged ears are the worst. Are your ears clogged? Do you hear your own voice real loud inside like you have a bucket on your head? Let me know........

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