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Hi, I have had what i believe to be ETD for the past two and a quarter years. After symptoms of crackling and popping in my ears (both, one usually pops just before the other) for around 2 weeks i decided to see my GP. The doctor said that it was just one of those things that occurred for usually a short space of time after a severe head cold.

However, over two years later, exactly the same symptoms were still occurring. My ears pop and crackle every time I yawn and swallow (IT IS SO ANNOYING). I went back to the doctor (a different one this time) and was told to do the following:

1) Elevate head whilst in bed

2) Avoid dairy products and to drink lots of water

3) Inhale steam with Eucalyptus oil

This has worked marginally at times but I am still constantly annoyed and uncomforted by my ears crackling and popping all the time! I am going to taking dayquill and see if it works (do they stock in in the UK?).

Does anyone have any other suggestions, I am only 18 and fear that it is going to be like this for the rest of my life!!!

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