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[QUOTE=lib]no, i did not have the tinnitus, i do now. i have been dealing with this for months. do you get sound reverberation in tour ears? popping and crackling? if i have the phone up to one ear the other ear will go crazy. i am going back to the dr. on monday, i cant stand this any more! lib[/QUOTE]

I dont have reverberation. I have a pre-existing tinnitus caused by a loud noise exposure. It is in one ear only. Symptoms are a high pitched noise which is fairly constant. My other ear is unaffected. However after this fluid buildup due to infection of the middle ear my tinnitus has become more noticable (but certainly not overwhelming) again only in my right ear. I suspect (and the doctors also suspect) that the fluid is causing a hearing loss in the ear due to immobilisation of the small bones which is making my tinnitus worse similar to entering a sound proof booth. If damage was occuring it would likely occur in both ears since the infection was in fact worse in my left ear.

I am sure the liquid in your ears is causing wierd sound conduction problems, same as it has affected my tinnitus. I would talk to your doctor about getting your ears drained if the fluid has been there for an extended period (over 2 months).

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