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I was born with nasaul allergies. Always get them in the beggining of spring. My nose always get stuffy in the cold. Some time I cant breath through my nose at all. But my main concerned right now are my ears. I'm waking up with my hears stuff up. Some times during the day, my ears get stuff and stay like that for a while. Recently I starded feeling some pain in my ears. I'm constantly hearing a high pitch noise in my hears. Some times when I eat I cant open my mouth all the way. I get a pain rith behind my ear above my jaw bone. I also notice that when I blow my nose, Blood comes out mix with mucus. I have never bleed from my nose before. I have gone to the doctor already. He says that it is just a congestion, and gives me a spry and allergy pills. I've been like this now for 3 month. I know when I get allergies, and this is not one of those times. If anyone would shared their opinoin, I would be gratefull.

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