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Susie - Yep, the one year anniversary is coming up and I've had no further major balance attacks and it's good to hear that someone has gone 4 years. The norm seems to be that if you have one, there are more to come which scares me. As for my vision problems, I'm having alot of double vision, blurred vision that moves back and forth between both eyes. I also see alot of motion trails and aura type things. I 'think' I see a little bug flying through the air but it is really just a spot no one else sees. When I originally got sick, I was told by the ENT doc that the 5th cranial nerve is very close to the 8th and that a virus could very well have been going after both. There is this pressure type pain behind my eyes that I got during that time and it has never gone away. My neurologist is trying depakote hoping to get control of some of the ear and eye pain. I'm still waiting :rolleyes:

tina - I live in a big city and not a single neurotologist was covered under my plan despite the fact there are many good ones here. They wanted me to travel to another city which was a 5 hour drive one way. I had to speak with my insurance but they let me see a guy that is here and normally not on my plan because I would have had to drive more than 50 miles. So I did have to do the legwork but it did pay off and they did approve that I could see this guy. I'm going to go for the baha implant once I can get cleared from my neurologist and we are reasonably assured my hearing is stable in my good ear. It doesn't technically restore hearing but I believe it will get rid of that bad signal and tinnitus when it is snapped on. It sends the signal from your good ear over to the other side and bypasses your hearing on that side. So you are getting the sound from your good ear in both ears. My ear guy says that his patients do wear them which means that they work and have benefit. If they didn't help, he said no one would wear them. I'm not sure how it will be to snap on a box to my skull but anything is better than living like this.

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