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[QUOTE=tinawall]I was wondering if anyone out there might have experienced something similar to what I am experiencing and if anyone can offer any advice.

Four months ago I had an upper respiratory infection and fluid in my ear. The doc prescribed biaxin. About 1 month after that, I suddenly developed a clogged feeling in my right ear and distorted sounds. The only way I can describe it is as if everything echoed. This only lasted for about 3 days and went away. A month later, it came back again. I went back to the doc and he said that he did see some fluid in my right ear. He did a hearing test with a thing he stuck in my ears and I had to let him know when I heard beeps. He said I had some diminished hearing in both ears. He prescribed entex and prednisone. I was to take the entex for 10 days and then if there was no improvement, I was to take the prednisone. I took both as prescribed and neither one seemed to make a difference. 2 weeks ago I was referred to an ENT. Both ENT and my regular doctor now say there is no fluid in my ear. The ENT did more extensive hearing tests and said that I either had a growth or nerve damage from a viral infection and more than likely permanent hearing loss. MRI was done that same week and all was normal. I go back in a week for allergy testing but I don't know what the purpose of that is. Has anyone out there ever been told that allergies caused this type of problem?

I am very frustrated and the distorted sounds and diminished hearing have really gotten me down. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone else with similar symptoms.

Tina :confused:[/QUOTE]

I suddenly became sick and began losing my hearing about 4 years ago. At the time I had tinnitus and definitely had the distortion that you mention. Some things I couldn't hear at all, others didn't sound like they should. It turned out that my hearing loss was due to an autoimmune disease. I took Prednisone within a couple of days of losing my hearing and it helped a bit. Later, when I had further attacks on my hearing I had steroid injections into my ear and they helped a lot. Whether or not steroid injections would be appropriate for you I don't know, but maybe you could discuss that with your ENT.

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