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[QUOTE=wp1]Susie - what were your vision problems??? I ask because so much of your experience sounds like mine and recently I have begun to have vision problems that have forced me to a neurologist who says they are migraine related but I tend to think they are more nerve related. I had nerve problems for months and months. Shooting pains when I would lay down that affected arms and legs. I've never looked into cogan's syndrome.

My neurotologist has never recommended injections. He told me that he has never had anyone regain hearing after 9 mos....It will be a year for me next month.

I've only had the one massive attack of balance initially and since then have slowly been recovering. I think it has taken a year for my brain to adapt and I had a total vestibular dysfunction too on the one bad side and a mild dysfunction in the other. I have to say that taking 1mg of diazepam in morning and evening has been the BEST thing for making that nagging balance issue better. I know what you mean about walking. I've worried people would think I was drunk but it is much better now.[/QUOTE]

wp1 it sounds as though our balance problems were of a similar type. Some people with inner ear problems get the spinning room sensation, whereas you and I obviously have the staggering drunk variety. On more than one occasion I had remarks made about me on the street about being drunk. It was so frustrating! I think these ear problems are difficult for doctors to diagnose and I too was initially diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis. That was fair enough as my eye symptoms hadn't developed at that time. Anyway, to the eye my eyes I have had uveitis and interstitial keratitis. These are types of inflammation and people with Cogan's get various different ones. The symptoms I had were blurry vision, white part of the eye turned completely red and was painful, very sensitive to light and constantly tearing. Like the ears, the treatment was with steroids.

I tend to agree that after 1 year of hearing loss, the chances of recovering that hearing are remote. I hope you never have any further problems. But if you do, keep the steroid injections in mind as something to discuss with your ear doc.

Not you too Double T! It seems these sudden hearing problems often strike at a relatively young age. I was 28 when it all started. Prior to that I had no idea that people could suddenly lose their hearing through an illness. Keep us posted on how you get on.

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