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Hi all,
I am faced with frequency loss, and have gone to 3 ENT specialists, but no one seems to be able to correctly diagnose the problem. Was wondering if anyone on this board can be of any help. Below is a listing of the problems.

1. Some sudden hearing loss (minor) on 2/23/04 in left ear, slight discomfort and mild pain in left ear
2. Slightly worse on 2/24/04
3. I feel there is some inflammation / problem in the ear passage right below the left ear.
4. When impedance test being done, the sound of the machine causing pain in the ear drum in left ear.
5. Tinnitus in left ear – dull whistling sound
6. On 25th, hearing loss seems gone, some pain / inflammation in left ear, slight Tinnitus
7. When I dial telephone digits – 369 sound same in both ears, 258 sound a little higher (pitch) in left ear (compared to right ear), and 147 sound much higher (pitch) in left ear. Volume seems more or less same in both ears.
8. There was some hearing loss on 23rd in left ear. Cannot say with certainty if frequency loss occurred then or was from before, but it seems to have happened on the 23rd. Also, cannot say if left ear hearing has come back to normal, as after a while one gets used to the loss. Frequency loss persists.
9. Started medication for infection on 24th.
10. There did not seem to be any signs of any blockage / infection in ENT tract.
11. Main problem seems to be Frequency loss.
12. What is this problem known as? Is frequency loss normal? Is it caused by temporary or permanent causes? Is it reversible? What causes it? Can it progress? Does it have any connection to hearing loss?
13. Does smoking affect hearing in any way?
14. Will doing any kind of sports help / harm?

Thanks a lot for reading.

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