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[QUOTE=aja]Hi lib,
I'm in Argentina at the moment for about a year and I'm seeing an ENT guy here. he doesn't go with using any chemicals like Teflon or botox and he said as long as the ET isn't extremely patulous cauterisation is quite a good method of reducing or stopping the autophony. It's so hard to know what the right thing is to do, they all say something different. He actually told me that there aren't any risks and that it's a similar to what they do when they stop nose bleeds (ie cauterise or seal the opening a little).
i can't afford to go and see dr poe or dr K in geneva, not for the time being anyway, though i would like to.
ok my symptoms are very simple, i here my voice and breathing amplified when i talk (this is called autophony), and my ET clicks when I swallow. I also feel air against my drum when i breath out through my nose. I hope this info helps. let me know how you get on with poe won't you?

sounds to me like it is a safe bet, i would do anything to get rid of this what ever it is. so no sticky sounds in the ear, do you get reverberation in yours? when people talk does it make your ear drum jump? i am so confused and depressed over this, i have been going to a dr. at johns hopkins i love him, he thinks it is migraine related with out the headache, but i am so convinced it is pet. do you know of anyother dr.s that treat pet in the usa, how is maggie jane doing, i had hoped she would come on as well. aja did you ever get dizzy from the pet? thanks lib
also, do you get a clicking sound from the roof of your mouth?

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