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My problem seemed to start about 4 years ago with a throat infection and a blocked feeling in my ears & feeling really spaced out. Hearing tests have always shown a slight loss in hearing , pressure tests showed a lot of negative pressure in the ears. I have tried various allergy sprays(currently flixonase), oral steroids and now have long term t tubes in my ears(after 4 sets of normal ear tubes(grommets). The thing is even with the tubes I still fell very spaced out the whole time & find simple tasks at work impossible(like i am really stupid), have tinitus and a strange pulsating whoosh in my ears. Very occasionally my left ear(the better side) will pop, but the rest of the time my Eustachinan tubes are completely blocked. If i drink alcohol at all it makes me feel even much worse(more spaced out). It now has really affected my social life not wanting to make plans to meet people as i never know how bad my ears/head will feel from one day to the next. I used to be a really lively outgoing , and witty person now i just seem to live in this constant spaced out world!

anyone know what i mean or am i just going crazy!

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