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Weepy Ear Canals
Mar 24, 2004
I've had periodic trouble with my ears from time to time for the past 15 years or so. The ear canal gets itchy. I have in the past gone to an ENT who told me that I had no wax in my ears and that was the problem. He gave me some cream to apply as drops weren't working to heal up the irritation. For years things were fine.

Then last September, I woke up with what felt like "Swimmers Ear". You know that crunchy, crackling sound when you get a water logged ear from swimming? Tilting my head sideways would sometimes clear it, other times I had to fold my ear lobe over and press and rub. First it was one ear, and then it was the other one, and then the other one again, and then both. It was driving me crazy. Every morning I woke up with a soupy feeling ear, and sometimes it involved both ears.

When I used Q Tips, I would sometimes see small bits of what looked like small, thin, saturated pieces of skin, almost like there was/is scaling inside the ear canal (I don't know because I can't see for myself)

The ear canals itched and felt wet. I tried to "mop up" the moisture with Q Tips, but then that led to irritated ear canals, and a major infection in the Right one just before Christmas. The ear canal was so swollen that the doctor couldn't even see inside to the ear drum.

I finally went to my own family doctor this past January, and he flushed my ears out and removed what he referred to as wax plugs and dead skin that had been blocking my hearing.

Things were ok for a few days, and then I started to wake up with soupy feeling wet ears with that crackling, crunching sound again. Someone suggested using Hydrogen Peroxide to help remove the wax. I tried that. I tried blow drying my ears. I tried flushing them gently with mild soapy warm water while in the shower. But nothing helped.

Yesterday I went back to the doctor and he flushed my ears again. Again he removed 2 large plugs that had me nearly stone deaf. I felt great afterward. My ear canals felt clean and dry and I could hear again.

Today I woke up with an itchy, soupy feeling left ear again. I used a Q Tip to gently dry the ear after my shower, but I don't now why I am being plagued with this since September, and don't know what to do about it.

I've asked my doctor and he doesn't seem to hear me and doesn't address the question. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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