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I had a slight cold the other day while on vacation. I got on the plane to fly home everything seemed fine. When the plane started to descend, I lost my mind!!! I fly all the time, but never felt this before. My ears stopped up, I couldn't hear, and all of a sudden got a terrible cramp running down the middle of my forehead and across my left eye. It felt like I was being stabbed. I couldn't hear or see out of that eye. I passed out for a split second before we landed. No one saw me to help me!!!!! When I got off the plane, I was very disoriented. I tried to epxlain to my husband the problem, but he didn't understand. My head still hurts from the cramp. I ended up having the flu, but I have flown with the flu before, and never had this happen. Anyone got any ideas? My husband says I don't need a dr. I am not so sure.

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