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I am so afraid of the surgery. I guess that's why I have not pursued it more than I have. After my experience with the feeling of "fullness"==I knew it could be worse. Even lying down did not make that feeling go away. I work as a secretary for one of the directors in our public school system. We were really busy on Friday dealing with year-end stuff, teachers, etc. Sometimes I think that stress makes my ears worse. Or my ears make normal situations that I should be able to handle turn into things I cannot handle. As for my husband--he has handled this very well. I have explained to him so often exactly what is going on--he pretty well understands, even though he has not experienced it himself. I know he has to get so sick of dealing with me and my bad moods over this. He has been with me to doctor after doctor and always encourages me. We had been married almost 10 years when this happened. We also had 3 children--the baby was less than a year old. Guess he figured he had too much invested in me by that time to walk out! He knows, also, that it is best just to leave me alone when I am really having a bad day..just to stay clear. One time--when this first started--my ears were making so much noise that I screamed in the night. I had him sit up and put his ear next to mine and he could not believe it. He could actually hear the crackling and popping. He said, "I don't know how you deal with that!" I think that helped him to understand a lot. I know this has changed me a lot. I am not nearly as outgoing as I used to be and I don't laugh as much. I avoid people a lot of the time--and I used to love to be around lots of people. This condition is one that definitely reduces our quality of life. It just makes things tough. I try not to feel sorry for myself--but I do anyway sometimes. I want to get out and do fun things--but I know that if I do anything at all the least big strenuous--where I am short of breath--my ears will go nuts. So I avoid stuff like that. Even walking fast or jogging--no way! I have to "stroll!" Thanks so much for understanding. Maggie

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