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Hi Lib...Thanks for the reply...I'm not quite sure how I have coped all this time. I think on my right ear (the first casualty)--well, I had so many surgeries that they just about destroyed my eardrum. Also, there is a lot of scar tissue (thus the hearing loss). But, possibly the scar tissue is what has helped relieve some of the annoyances of the PET??? So, for several years--although it was still there--it was not nearly as bad as it had been--but I definitely remember ALL about the terrible times that lasted several years! Now, with my left ear starting this (sound of my voice in my head, ear drum moving with the slightest move of my head, sound of my pulse beating in my ear, and so on and so on...I'm sure you know it all!) I am just so afraid of surgery. Obviously, I can't afford any hearing loss in that ear-AND I am afraid of being worse off than I am. Sometimes I have "good days." Do you do that? Also, once I read about a surgery (and it might have been on these boards) and the person said after the surgery, the echoing subsided and they just had a feeling of "fullness" in the ear. Well, I have had that once--it was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I could not have dealt with that. I was leaning over cleaning a whirlpool tub (deep) and when I raised up, my ear felt as though someone had taken a pitcher of water and filled it full. I mean it literally felt like my ear was filled to over-flowing--but there was nothing in it. I nearly went mad. Fortunately, that only lasted an hour or so. But that was a symptom that I just could not do. There would never be any relief at all--even if I weren't talking. And the way I am now--the main annoyance for me is the sound of my own voice when I speak--you know--how it is inside your head and you hear from the inside--not the outside. So, what I the surgery that you are going to have--if you feel worse afterwards than you do now--is it reversible? I guess I just haven't given up thinking "someday this will just go away." Can you believe I would still feel that way after 22 years? But what I have been experiencing this last week--well, I may have to change my way of thinking and do something. I know that I have read about Dr. Poe before. Can you give me info on him on these boards? Like full name and where he is? Thanks so much for the help--and mostly thanks for sharing your experiences. I can't believe you remember all my posts. I was ecstatic when I found this board a couple of years ago. It was the first time I had ever talked to ANYONE that really understood what I was talking about. Just that--it made me feel better. Maggie

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