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[QUOTE=lib]hi chris, this is how mine started last fall after a sinus infection.
does it sound abnormal when you swallow? mine pop alot and it sounded like there was styrafoam in them when i would yawn. now its worse.
does your voice reverberate in them? that did not start until jan for me.
i had dizziness and motion sickness in the fall as well but that is now gone.
maybe maggie can give her opinion also.

Hi Lib,

Thanks for the reply, when I swallow i get the clicking and popping but not always. I don't have any voice reverbaration (yet). I've been trying to find a way of explaining the ear noise when yawning, Styrafoam is a good example, didn;t think of that before. I still have the off-balance, after 5 months, how long did it last for you. I can deal with the clicking, popping and crunching but not the constant off-balance.. I have been to a ENT who
is convinved it is sinus related. She didn't offer to do any more tests etc. But since I'm still feeling pretty bad I think I will get a second opinion. She did tell me to use a seawater nasal spray, but I find after using this it makes me more dizzy.

Anyway wishing you the best
Hi to everyone! I am a new member -- I just discovered this site after having PET since the beginning of March. What a relief to find other people with this aggravating ailment! I am pretty certain what caused mine -- I had sinus surgery in Feb. -- my fourth! I have had severe sinus disease for 12 years -- no taste and smell. Well, the good news is that the surgery was great for the sinuses -- I taste and smell every day now! The bad news -- according to ear specialist I saw -- is that now that the congestion of 12 years is gone from my head, it allowed, or caused, the ET to spring open. I have all the same symptoms all of you have discussed -- the absolutely maddening sound of my own voice inside my own head, and the sound of each breath in and out. (Although I don't have the popping Libby has described..) It has been so awful, because I teach for a living. When it first began, a couple of months ago, I thought I was going to lose my mind -- every class was torture. But -- I'd like to offer two things. First, has anyone else tried earplugs? They work a little -- although it's a trade-off. They muffle the sound of your own voice a bit, but then outside dounds are also muffled a little too. It depends, I guess, on the individual and their perceptions and symptoms...Anyway, if you try it, I'd recommend the soft type of earplugs, not the real heavy-duty ones for swimming -- the soft ones at least let in some sound from the outside. The second thing I'd like to offer is for everyone who talks about being a recluse -- hang in there! I felt that way at first -- I didn't even want to say "Thanks" to the sales clerk. But without minimizing the difficulties of this, it helps me to think like this: millions of people would trade what they have for PET! Really! Whenever I get aggravated, I remember what other awful diseases I could have. I'm also thankful that I spent 45 years without it! I have 2 kids, 12 and 14, and a part-time job and a husband and a house to keep up, and even though PET has diminshed the quality of life for me a little, I'll be darned if I'm going to let it ruin it. We need to decide how much we're going to let PET run our lives. I hope I'm not sounding too Pollyanna-ish, but I really think that while we can't control the aliment, we can control how we view it. Hope this helps someone -- LynneR

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