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You know...if I were you..I would probably try the catheter first. The doctor in OKC told me that I was one of the only people he had ever done that surgery for that it did not work. It is a relatively simple surgery--outpatient--and if it does not work--it is completely reversible. It definitely did not hurt me any--it may have helped some--but I wanted more. For you, it may be just the thing. I don't have the snapping sound when I talk. I definitely do have the eardrums moving. Just the slightest move of my head and they move. It's kind of like a wind tunnel or something. Now, in the ear that I can't hear out of (with the mutilated ear drum)--it doesn't move. I have actually gotten used to that--I don't like it and I still notice it. But I can tolerate it. It's the autophony (I think that is what it's called)--the sound of my voice in my head when I talk that I can't stand. And I think that if my ear were plugged up--it would be worse. It's not the catheter surgery that messed up the eardrum. It's all the other stuff they tried first--and I think I may have gone to some not-so-good doctors...I saw the doctor in OKC last summer. I won't see him again. He's way too old now and I was disappointed. I don't think he should be seeing patients any more. He did clean out my ear (the one that is just now effected)--and that helped a lot--I am so careful..I never put anything in there. I just cringe if any doctor even tries to look at my ears for just a check-up. It's like--just leave them alone! Some days I think I tolerate better than others. I think that I probably am a little used to it..but I know what you mean that it controls your life. I can think back on different places I have been (parties, etc.) in the last 20 years--and what I remember is just how bad my ears were on that particular day. It's pretty bad when that is the memory that I have. But, I have had times that I really haven't thought about it. That is why I don't know for sure if I am somewhat used to it. If I think about it--I know it hasn't gone away. And when they are really bad--I know it and I can't forget about it at all. Like I said--I just have to be by myself and not talk to anyone. I am so glad that I found these boards so I can share my thoughts with people who know--but I also feel really bad for you because I know what you are dealing with. I am assuming that since you have a 9 year old--you are quite a bit younger than I am. But this started for me when I was 29--I would not have wanted anyone to tell me then that I would still be dealing with this so many years later. But, I have managed--and the doctors are beginning to find more & more things to try. So, hopefully, you won't have to put up this for much longer. Do you get relief when you lie down? How about when you sit and hold your head down--like between your knees? That sounds dumb, doesn't it--but it kind of helps. Let me know. Maggie

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