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Lib -- Gee, I'm in Jersey, so it would be not so bad a trip for me to Boston, I guess! I will be anxious to hear how you make out. As far as general -- really, it's nothing. I have had about 8 surgeries -- 2 colon, 2 knee, 4 sinus -- and after some, you can wake up and have a sandwich! It's probably true what they say -- you're in more danger driving to the hospital than having the surgery!

Also -- I get some relief each morning -- the tube is closed for the first hour or so after I get up. From what I understand, that's the time it takes for the blood that pooled there overnight to drain downward and allow the tube to pop open again. I also get relief when I have a glass of wine -- from what I understand of this, alcohol dilates blood vessels, so it creates some congestion around the tube and closes it. Also, when I bend over, it instantly goes away (this, I hear, is a classic symptom of PET) -- again, the blood helps to close the tube. I also get about 10 or 15 minutes of relief after eating -- I guess it increases blood flow to the area. Do you find all of this, too?

So I do get periodic breaks; also, I only have it in one ear. So these things help me to tolerate it somewhat. I do know the frustration -- I have had moments when I think, "I'll be like this for the rest of my life.", and I actually feel a little panicky. It's like I'll never feel like myself again. But by and large, as the months go by, I have been dealing with it a little better -- first, the earplugs do help a little to mask the sound of your own voice from inside. But it's also a lot of head work and mindset; I tell myself, Well, so now I have PET. I've had ulcerative colitis, and early-onset arthritis, and 12 years of sinus disease -- and I've survived everything so far. PET won't kill me, and it will only make me as miserable as I allow it to. I think it really helps to accept PET as my new reality (but, as I said, I only have it one ear, and you have two, so that's tougher...) but still, there is some peace that comes from saying, I'm not going to rebel against this anymore....But! -- I'll always keep an eye out for new treatments, and if you are successful with Poe, I would put that on my list as well. It's just that I'm done with letting it ruin my life in the interim... No, I don't get the phone problem...Keep your chin up! -- Lynne

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