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My "child" that was less than a year old when all this started is now 23 years old... And, yes, I am noise sensitive to some noises. My dog (a 6 month Old English Sheepdog) when he barks is very loud. There is something about the pitch of his bark when he is on the left side of me--the ear that is messed up now. It probably would bother the other one also -- if I could hear out of it. I really would like to go see Dr. Poe. He is clear across the U.S. from me--but if I knew he could help me--I would go in a heartbeat (and, of course, WE know how quick that is because we can hear our hearts beating in our ears!) I want to give this ear a little time--maybe it will "settle down" some and I can deal with it. In the meantime, I would love to hear from everyone on this board that has seen Dr. Poe. I know that his name comes up quite frequently. Has anyone you have talked to had the exact surgery you are thinking of doing? With it being so new--I want to know about results from people who have had it-- and possible long-range effects. That may not be possible to find out now. Maybe I should start a new topic and put Dr. Poe's name in it to catch the attention. If we could just hear from other people. I think the chances of finding a cure now are much better than 20 years ago. At least this is recognized now by ENT's. Back then--they just ignored it. I won't give up hope. What do you think of posting a new topic and asking from everyone who has seen Dr. Poe? Is it okay to do that on these boards? Thanks so much. Maggie
Hi....First of are not butting in at all. That is what these boards are for. To share all of our information and try to help each other. Sounds to me like you may have PET--but I have found that the one common thing that we all have (with PET)--is the sound of our pulse beating in our ears--and the sensation of talking inside our head rather than out. We hear from the inside--not outside. This is just our own voice. The other things are symptoms for some--but not all. Mine started with an ear infection--and then probably wrong medicine and weight loss. I always describe the noise as cellophane paper rattling. \
Lib...I hadn't thought about it but I bet you are right. Since Dr. Poe seems to specialize in this--I bet he would be doing the catheter if he had good results. My doctor was more interested in treating deaf people and doing ear implants than he was with this disease. Also, when my ears were at their very worst--I did not go anywhere. Only went out if I felt I could tolerate being around people. Many times we made an early exit from wherever we were. I just had to get home. As for healing from the surgery--almost immediately. Never any pain--no incisions (they go through the ears)..leave the hospital within hour or so after surgery. I looked at the Shea Ear Clinic site and could not find where they talk about this surgery. Must be looking in the wrong spot. I am going to look up another place that I read about--I think it is in Memphis or Nashville. When I find it--I will let you know. The first time I read it--I cried--because these doctors were talking about exact symptoms that I have. I will let you know. Maggie

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