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I've posted before, but really had nothing to go on. Now it's even worse. My 8 yo son failed a hearing screening at school recently, and subsequently shows a 90db + sensorineural hearing loss in his left ear with his right ear fine. A ct scan, 5 tubes of blood, uranalysis, and several appointments later, we still can't find any reason for the loss. According to my son, his hearing has always been bad in that ear, but he wasn't screened as a newborn. We don't know if it started this bad or was progressive.

We have one more thing to do. We need to consult a pediatric urologist. The only abnormality in ANY tests was a borderline positive of red blood cells in the urine. His ENT wants to rule out Alport Syndrome, even though he thinks this is highly unlikely.

I have a few questions. From what I've read, Alport is usually diagnosed because of kidneys or family history rather than hearing loss. Also, both ears are affected in Alport. Am I right in this? We don't have a big family history of hearing loss (noise exposure or fluid but nothing else), but our family history includes a billion things that cause kidney problems. No one with the kidney problems had the hearing problems and vice versa. Should I be realistically looking at Alport? It's my feeling that the ENT just wants it ruled out since it is the last possible syndrome that could cause hearing loss.

Basically, is there anyone out there with unknown causes of hearing loss or information on Alport that can answer some vague questions I have? Thanks alot!

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