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This all started today when I woke up. I can barely hear out of my left ear. Right one seems fine. Hearing is distorted like when you have water in your ears. I dont really have any pain and my throat is fine and sinuses too.

What is wrong, should I see a doc?

I've had this happen a couple of times with different causes.

The first time was simple wax buildup in one ear. My doctor washed out my ear and relieved that.

The second time it happened, both ears were involved. I assumed it was wax and went to have my ears washed out. Unfortunately, the cause turned out to be fluid buildup in the middle ears. An ENT doctor punctured my eardrums to relieve the fluid pressure (this had to be done several times over several weeks.) This resulted from my flying with a severe cold in a non-pressurized airplane.

The doctor had to ream out my Eustachian tubes in this latter case, which finally relieved the problem.

Regardless of the cause, losing your hearing in either or both ears isn't funny. See an ENT doctor if this doesn't go away quickly.

Thanks for the reply. I have a check up this week, Im gonna ask the doc about it.
Im getting tired of it, its such an inconveince.

Hopefully its just wax build up.

Thanks again!!
I would see a doctor ASAP if I were you. It's difficult for them to diagnose the cause of sudden hearing loss, but even if they can't find out the cause, there are some things that help. High doses of steroids can help bring hearing back in some cases, and will not be harmful in the short term. Sudden hearing can also spontaneously recover, so try not to panic, but do go to a doctor.

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