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I'm 34 and have noticed a gradual hearing loss over the years. I was recently tested and found only to have a slight loss in the low decibal range in left ear. However I don't think I had a good test. For one thing I could see outside the window of the little room they put me in and could tell when the dials were being turned on the testing instrument. Sorry I don't know the correct terminology for these things. I don't think they even did the right kind of test anyway. What I notice is I say "huh" a lot, turn the tv up real high and particularly have trouble hearing in crowded rooms. I cannot hear well at all if there is background noise. Really odd but I can't hear my telephone ring in the kitchen if I am washing dishes. I am assuming it is because the water running from faucet is same pitch as the phone ringing? People get mad at me for missing their phone calls...but I can't help it if I can't hear the phone.

Since I ws a teenager I have had earaches off and on, though never had ear infections as a young child. For past 17 yrs I have had drs tell me everything from only small children can get ear infections, to the ear pain was stress, TMJ or all in my head. I was actually put on Xanax by one dr. I moved to a difference state and started getting ear pain again, often I thought related to sinus infections or colds. A couple times I was told I had ear infections ...and that yes indeed adults can have them... and given antibiotics and decogestants. Several people I work with have Meniere's so I am worried if it might be a contagious disease? Any advice is appreciated. I feel like way too many drs have acted like I was crazy when I told them I can't hear.

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